About CriseIT

Our vision is to develop an easy to use, cost-efficient, and flexible crisis exercise concept which creates safety in Inner Scandinavia – now and in the future. The project CriseIT aims to develop tools, methods, and educational material enabling this. The envisioned new forms of training support are meant to supplement traditional exercises by adding virtual tools that make it possible to practice crisis management “anywhere and anytime” via computers, tablets, and smartphones. This will provide the conditions needed to practice more often, with more persons involved, and in shorter sessions.

Primarily, the project deliverables are directed to civil servants and politicians having responsibility for crisis management and preparedness in an area. It should also be possible to include other groups – professionals and public – in some of the exercises. The results of the project will support joint (both synchronous and asynchronous) exercises across organisational and national borders, but also individuals’ training of their own roles will be supported. The project is financed in equal parts by the involved partners and the Interreg Sweden-Norway program, Inner Scandinavia, under the name “Preparing for Future Crisis Management.”

The goals of the project are to provide:

  • an analysis of needs and prerequisites for IT based crisis training
  • software to support the entire process from the defining of needs for crisis training to bringing back the experiences into the organizations
  • a website offering tools for exercises and individual training
  • a method that supports an effective application of the IT tools for analysing, planning, conducting, and evaluating exercises
  • educational material that facilitates the use of the method and tools